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Who we are
  • With expertise and passion
    Diehl Kommunikation was founded in 2005. The agency is owner-managed and is based in Frankfurt am Main. While we know how to “babble” in Hessian, our real passion is High German. With our team of specialists, we creatively realise communication projects in a goal-oriented and transparent way.

  • Smart and skilled with language
    Diehl Kommunikation is a boutique PR agency specialising in communication for innovative and complex products and services. You do “rocket science”? We translate it into a language that anyone can understand. Our customers are mostly from the health-care market, the high-tech industry or deal with sustainability issues.

What we do
PR strategy

For PR measures to be successful, it is essential that they are tailored to the objectives and requirements of a product. Who are the measures aimed at? Which channels are suitable for achieving this? When is the right time? Which content is important? With the right answers, it is possible to define tailor-made measures. With a helpful and objective view, we support companies with this task. We develop communication strategies for products, services and the company itself. To this end, we work creatively in a team, think outside the box, and at the same time, never lose sight of the objectives.

We offer:

- Strategy development
- Definition of communication channels
- Phrasing of messages
- Development of annual and project concepts
- Schedules
- Success monitoring

Classic PR

Traditional PR involves a comprehensive portfolio of instruments, such as advertorials, brochures and white papers. In terms of content, these deal with a product or service and are not promotional. We write professional texts that are tailored for each audience. PR events - such as press conferences, background briefings and other information events - are another aspect of traditional PR. We support companies with the development, planning and the implementation of PR events. For this, working reliably and transparently is particularly important.

We offer:

- Press office
- Press kits
- Press releases
- Press conferences
- Information session
- Brochures and flyers
- Case studies
- Print advertorials

Online PR

Online PR reaches people at home or on the go via their PC or smartphone. It is modern, fast and leaves traces on the net. Communication is multidimensional, as the recipient can forward topics, like them, or tear them to shreds. The requirements for online PR are therefore quite different from traditional PR. We help companies implement meaningful online PR. This might involve professional explanatory videos, online advertorials, websites or Facebook pages and corporate Twitter accounts.

We offer:

- Newsletter
- Online advertorials
- Media contact
- Overview of the blogger scene
- Explanatory videos
- Editorial plans for Facebook, Twitter & Co.
- Websites

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Do you want to know how we work?

It's very simple: we operate transparently and reliably. We are motivated, creative and, if necessary, extremely flexible. Our processes are clearly defined. Together with our customers, we define objectives, develop the strategy, derive measures and calculate the costs. After approval, we implement the measures and evaluate results.

Our focus industries

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Health care


We are passionate about health care communication. We support companies to provide medical content in a modern way. For patients, we translate the information into a language they understand. We address doctors and other professional groups in their own specific language. It goes without saying that we know exactly how to handle the requirements of the German Advertising of Medicines Act (Heilmittelwerbegesetz - HWG), and we are familiar with key terms such as integrated care, ICD-10, adherence or the study endpoint. We are familiar with professional journals of all different medical indications, and have an extensive network to journalists, medical professionals and health insurance representatives. The focus of our work to date was in ophthalmology, diabetology, cardiology, neurology and medical aesthetics. We are also especially well versed in fields of eHealth and telemedicine.

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The high-tech industry is evolving rapidly. Innovations are appearing in the market, which often require explanation. For us, this is a tremendously exciting task. We help companies to communicate their high-tech products to business customers or end users. In so doing, the manner of the measures reflects the innovative spirit of the industry. We work towards this and possess the technical expertise needed to translate complex information for non-professionals and word it adequately for specialist groups. We know how to use industry terms such as off-shoring, agility, cloud computing or PACS. We are also familiar with important specialist media in this market, online portals and blogs, and have a good network with journalists and experts.

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Issues that we have communicated on behalf of our customers in recent years include drip irrigation, reforestation against desertification, water protection, and technologies that finally allow the fermentation of lignocellulosic material (e.g. straw and wood waste) in biogas plants. We assist companies in this field too, with passion and extensive expertise. Here it is important to bridge the gap between traditional markets and modern forms of communication. Today, even the farming and wine industries are digital in many areas. It is important to take this into account in communication. We also know the media in this market, and have connections with journalists and experts.

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